Company Benefits

Company Benefits

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  • By outsourcing the administrative burden of requesting, tracking, following up and reviewing critical vendor information you can reduce the time your employees spend managing these functions. This allows your organization to focus on core business related functions.

  • Create automation to save you time and organize your files for easy retrieval and an audit trail of your diligence.

  • Our technology platform automates much of the administrative functions typically associated with gathering and follow up on obtaining critical vendor information.  Your employees no longer have to spend their time sending emails requesting updated licensing, insurance, executed documents, etc. from your vendor or contractor networks.

  • By utilizing our consulting services, we can optimize your vendor management program to ensure you are focusing on the most important areas.  Many organizations do not have a risk based program resulting in wasted time on non-critical areas and insufficient efforts in areas needing attention.  Our services can ensure that you are spending your time in the most efficient manner.

  • By implementing a sound vendor oversight program, you can ensure that you are utilizing the best vendor partners minimizing errors and rework resulting in lower costs to you.

  • Management of all vendor related information in one system increases efficiency by making the information readily available to your employees, auditors and clients.  No more pulling together spreadsheets and emails to demonstrate your management of vendors.