Struggling to Find Vendors? We Have a Solution!

Now Finding the Right Vendors for Your Business is Fast and Easy

VendorView360 gives you the power to find your next vendor simply with a click of a button!

How It Works


1. Search

Search for the type of vendors you are looking for based on your criteria.


2. Connect

Send an invitation to connect to start the process of doing business in a secure environment.


3. Qualify

Qualify vendors online with
your company guidelines,
viewing all information
within the platform.


4. Do Business

Communicate requirements, training, policies, procedures and any other key documents to approved vendors.

VendorView360 - Where Companies
Connect to Do Business


Robust Search Functionality

Use customizable search filters to quickly search over 100 vendor categories (e.g. minority-owned business, SOC1 certified, licensed, etc.)


Customized Vendor Requirements

Vendors can respond to your vendor needs by answering your questions, uploading documents, even ordering background checks – you decide who meets your qualifications.


Secure, Real-Time Communication

Perform all vendor communication within the secure platform in real-time.


Built-in RFP Tool

Send out hundreds of questions to as many vendors as you choose, eliminating need for multiple emails; follow along in real time as vendors upload documents and respond to your requests.


Centralized Vendor Database

Keep track of all vendors and their information in one centralized location.

Become an Member to Access the Vendor Database

Promote your business to targeted clients

Search for vendors based on your criteria

Assess and screen vendors online, in real-time

Automate vendor management

Communicate policies with tracking and attestations

Track and store policies, procedures in one place