Search for Vendors

Search for Vendors

You can try to find the vendor you are looking for through a google search, but you never get the exact results you are looking for.  Further, some vendors may not even show up at all through an internet search.  With our proprietary database and search function you can drill down using customized search criteria such as  geographic region, type of services, or disadvantaged business.

Once you have located the vendor of your choice you can quickly and easily qualify them online by sending them an invite and creating a secure communication channel with the vendor.  It’s that easy!

If you are seeking to perform an RFI or RFP you can quickly and easily invite your intended vendors to participate or advertise your RFP within the system and have vendors sign up to participate.  With the myVendorView360 application, you can have the vendors respond online in real time and you can see how each one is progressing as they answer your questions and upload documents. You can respond and send back questions via the system so the entire process can be managed from myVendorView360.

Set up Your Profile to be Found

VendorView360 is quickly gaining clients utilizing the system to locate, qualify and manage their vendor network.  Set up a profile today to make your organization visible to clients looking for your services.  With thousands of users already, don’t miss another opportunity!

Some of the benefits of setting up your profile:

  • We give you access to technology that will allow you to upload your qualifications easily and allow you to share your qualifications with multiple companies. You no longer need to provide your documentation in multiple formats, multiple times to multiple parties.
  • You will receive reminders when you need to update expired information such as insurance or licensing information.
  • You can share your marketing material and company profile with multiple companies giving you greater opportunities to find work.

  • You determine who you want to work with and who you want to share your information with.
  • You just sit back and wait for the opportunities to come to you. An email will be sent to you every time you have a deliverable to provide or a new client wanting to work with you.