Third Party Vendor Compliance:

The Federal Government establishes third party vendor compliance as the responsibility of the Financial organization that utilizes vendors. Best practices dictate that vendors are extensions of your operations and you are responsible for their actions. If you are like most organizations you may not have an efficient method, or in some cases, any method to provide for the following:

  • Risk assessing your vendor network and determining the appropriate oversight needed
  • Ensuring that you are performing the appropriate due diligence on new vendors including capturing and analyzing the critical information
  • Sufficiently monitoring and documenting their on-going performance to ensure they are meeting your guidelines
  • Ensuring your vendors are aware of industry requirements and your operating procedures
  • That your vendors are well trained and adhering to regulatory requirements

myVendorView360 is the technology solution you need. The system gives you the ability to risk assess, perform due diligence, monitor on-going performance, provide operating procedures, perform training and quality assurance over your vendors.

Vendor Life Cycle Chart

Additional Platform Features

Our system also gives you the ability to track key employee requirements such as license information, continuing education requirements, training needs and adherence to your policies.

Follow up on past due items are handled by the system, reducing the need for utilizing precious resources, managing expired tasks or unmet requirements.

myVendorView360 provides your organization with an easy to use document library allowing your organization to easily store and retrieve key documents such as Contracts, Policies and Procedures, Business Continuity Plans, Training Materials, Client Alerts, Regulatory Requirements or other key reference material your organization maintains.

The system allows the creation of documents, including the automatic updating and version control of new documents. Documents that need to be reviewed by employees can be automatically routed and attestations of understanding can be required. The system will log and track all steps providing a thorough audit trail.

  • Document storage and retrieval
  • Automatic routing to employees that need documents
  • Attestations and testing capabilities
  • Search capabilities for easy retrieval
  • Creation and archiving of old documents
  • Robust reporting

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