Reference Library Management

Reference Library Management

Our technology platform can become the reference library for your organization for contracts, policies and procedures, client alerts, business continuity plans, training material, or anything else. Our library goes several steps further and can proactively send out updates, expiring terms, training materials, or reminders to the appropriate parties.  No need to have an administrator manually sending out policies and procedures or expiring contracts to personnel.

You can proactively send required policy reading to the appropriate groups and require attestations or testing to ensure your vendors, employees or independent contractors have read and understand your requirements.

Our system saves you time and gives you the audit trail you need to demonstrate your due diligence in proactively managing your organization.

Always know the location and status of critical documents including policies and procedures, contracts and training materials.

Libraries can be searched to obtain any documents referencing a particular topic.

Eliminate out-of-date and redundant policies and procedures.

Establish an audit trail for each policy with automated archiving and version control.

Manage staff competency and understanding with attestations and assessment tools.

Proactively send updates to only those staff needing the changes.